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Eye Examinations

Lasting 30-40 minutes, including a thorough discussion about your ocular history and symptoms.We have a large consulting room that will enable family members to be present during the eye examination.Especially important for the young and elderly.

Vision check with and without any correction at far, intermediate and near range. (driving, VDU and reading range as examples)

This will establish a prescription if required, followed by an external and internal examination of each eye to detect they are healthy. If conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration, blepharitis, dry eye and others are affecting the eye, advice and appropriate referral route will be advised. Further supplementary test like eye pressures and visual fields are also done.


After the eye test the ‘fun part’ is choosing the best type of lenses and frames suited to your individual needs.We pride ourselves in giving you our full time and attention, you will have the pleasure and joy of choosing frames with our stylists. Advice on colour, shape, size, style of frames will be given. Depending on hobbies, occupation and specific visual requirements single vision, bifocals and varifocals will also be discussed as well as contact lens options. See our products list. The choice is endless and being an independent opticians we are happy to show you catalogues or order you frames in especially.We accept external spectacle prescriptions too.


contact-lenseAn initial appointment to discuss suitability and trial of contact lenses, after care to ensure clinical health and wear of contact lenses with great comfort and vision. Trained staff and time set aside for those wearing contact lenses for the first time in their lives!Patients may require more than one tuition on handling of contact lenses,which is not a problem. Children and adults, find contact lenses a great alternative to spectacles for particular sports or hobbies.


For those who are unable to attend the practice, we will come to you and provide the same level of eye care as you would expect in practice. We are happy to come to care homes, nursing homes, private or council run housing.

CHILDREN’S Eye Examinations:

child-at-opticiansThe health of eyes in children is often overlooked. Eye tests are free for under 16 or those in full time education and under 19. We see children from a very young age and they do not need to be able to say letters to have an eye test. A simple message is ‘PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE’. Early eyecare is crucial for children to ensure they perform well at school and play.

Children need good eyesight for learning. Near vision, distance vision, binocular (two eyes) vision and hand-eye coordination are all essential. Vision problems like “lazy eye” (amblyopia) in which one eye is weaker than the other, are best picked up and corrected before school age while the child’s visual system is still developing. A child who is unable to see clearly for reading or the white board at school can easily become frustrated and lead to poor behaviour and performance.


Accepted at Vision Clinic. Is most of your workday at a computer?Your employer is obliged to cover the cost of an eye exam and spectacles(if required specifically for VDU use).


We can offer a package of both eye tests and purchase of spectacles for VDU if correction is required. Please call the practice for further information.


This is an examination of how far we can see around us rather than just straight in front of us. It is a test used to help diagnose conditions like glaucoma, diabetes, blood circulation problems like stroke, brain tumours, causes of headaches. Central and peripheral visual fields checks are both equally important. This simple test takes minutes to do and can save sight in many cases!


Passionate about eyecare we have been to several local schools to talk about eyes and also on the curriculum topics of lights and shadows. Please call if interested and we are happy to talk to the children, parents or teachers.


spectacle-repairsGot an emergency, broken frames/lenses, give us a call or pop in and we will do our best to help you.


If suffering from dry, burning, stinging, gritty, itchy and sore eyes no need to suffer in silence. Several general health or environmental factors could be causing this. Come and see us to gain some relief and help.Blepharitis been mentioned to you?We are happy to advice and recommend eyelid hygiene to help with the symptoms.