Sports Eyewear

Sports glasses in a store

Protective eyewear to enhance your performance

Did you know that sport is the leading cause of hospital admissions due to serious eye injury in the UK?

90% of these injuries can be prevented by wearing the appropriate eyewear.

You may be tempted to wear normal sunglasses whilst playing sport, however while both sunglasses and sports eyewear block UV light, sports-specific glasses are considerably more durable and can withstand impact for enhanced protection.

We offer performance sports eyewear that is suitable for a range of activities, including:

  • Football
  • Golf
  • Fishing
  • Cycling
  • Swimming

Your future in sport. Refocused.

Offering absolute clarity with polarised mirror lenses and wrap around glasses for ultimate protection and edge-to-edge vision, we have something for every sportsperson.

We know that aerodynamics, good ventilation and non-slip nose bridges are up there on your list of priorities when picking the perfect sports glasses. We are also aware of the importance of anti-fog coatings, reduced glare and specialist air vents. For superior comfort and stability, we have a selection of eyewear with adjustable temples so that you can focus on reaching that finish line.

We’ve taken every sports consideration into account at Vision Clinic and have handpicked a range of specs to supercharge your sport activity.

Woman sitting on steps in jogging gear and sports sunglasses

Seeing you over the finish line

Our goal is to help you achieve perfect vision, no matter how extreme your hobby may be. Our premium quality sports eyewear is designed to accommodate your prescription, enhancing your eye reflexes and therefore your performance out there on the pitch, in the snow or even under the water.

Man cycling with sport sunglasses on with forest in the background

Ready to enhance your performance out there on the playing field?

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