Children’s Eye Tests

Safeguarding your child's eye health for the future

Your child’s eyesight is precious. From experiencing the great outdoors to playing with friends and learning in school, your child’s eyes are the window to the world around them.

At Vision Clinic, we are committed to caring for your child’s eyes from infancy to adulthood. We will ensure that they have the vision to succeed and reach their potential, providing a personalised eye care journey as they grow. From the get-go, we will check for muscle imbalances in the eyes, as well as a range common problems such as astigmatism and amblyopia. We also provide cutting-edge myopia management solutions that can help to prevent the progression of near-sightedness.

It’s never too early for your child to have an eye test. It is always better to check for visual problems early so that they can be corrected before developing into something more serious later on.

A fun and engaging experience

We know that every child is different and that many can find it difficult to sit still. That’s why we have created a space that is both comfortable and welcoming for both parent and child, with an examination room that is considerably larger and more spacious than your standard consulting room. We’ll conduct the full range of necessary tests as quickly as possible and within 30 to 40 minutes we can diagnose any potential underlying problems.

Whatever developmental stage your child may be in, our patient and friendly optometrists will tailor the eye test to their age and literacy levels. We will make sure that your child leaves the room with a positive sense of achievement, so much so that they will be asking when they can return for their next eye test!

Eyewear that grows with your child

From spring hinges and nose pads for added comfort to adjustable Tomato Glasses, we have an eyewear solution that will grow with your child and stay with them throughout all of their adventures. Speak to us about our flexible range of children’s eyewear today.

Did you know that children under 16, or teenagers aged under 19-years-old and in full-time education are eligible for NHS-funded eye tests?

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