School Visits

eye health in schools. Image of two young children looking at diagram of an eye

Raising the profile of eye health in schools

Since Vision Clinic’s inception, we have played an active role in educating local school children on all aspects of eye health.

From KS2 curriculum topics to optical career talks, we are eager to promote the importance of optometry and enlighten young learners on the anatomy of the eye and the science behind light and dark.

Teaching nursery aged children to year 6 classes, we want to shine a light on the importance of eyesight and take the fear and intimidation away from eye examinations.

Sharing our enthusiasm for stylish eyewear

On every school visit, we want to show that eyewear can be fun and fashionable. Apart from free branded stickers, we also offer pocket money friendly glasses charms from Blinx, helping young glasses wearers to embrace their new look with funky accessories.

Do you want to increase awareness of eye health in schools? Contact us for more information on our engaging visits.

Providing the community with clinical excellence and a caring service

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