In The Community

Vision Clinic are committed to empowering and uplifting communities near and far. With a caring ethos that is grounded in education and eye health, we partake in events and initiatives that make a difference to the lives of children across the globe.

Helping children across the world to see a better future

Transforming the lives over 390,000 people, Water for Kids takes part in essential sanitation, water and hygiene education projects across nine developing countries.

From providing safe water in village schools to building latrines and hand washing structures in Zambia, the Water for Kids construction team and dedicated volunteers continue to reduce the prevalence of water-borne diseases.

Here at Vision Clinic, we ask patients using our spectacle repair service to make a donation of any amount to Water for Kids so that they can continue to undertake vital work overseas. Who knew that repairing your glasses could be so powerful?

Our work in local schools and community centres

From classes on the anatomy of the human eye in primary schools, to giving inspirational career talks on optometry to A-Level students, Vision Clinic are passionate about educating children of all ages and abilities on eye health through a variety of engaging workshops.

We want to be as accessible as possible to all residents of Newcastle upon Tyne and beyond. That’s why we are regularly reaching out to local community centres to spread the word about our unique services and the importance of eye examinations.

We have conducted workshops on healthy living for eyes at Denton Burn Methodist Church and have also hosted exclusive styling events to encourage individuals from all backgrounds and budgets to unlock the fashion potential of Vision Clinic frames.

Do you need to scrub up on your optical knowledge? Get in touch with us to arrange an educational talk tailored specifically to your group or organisation.

Our Sustainable Vision

We are committed to only working with innovative optical brands that craft products that are better for your eyes and better for the Earth.

As proud suppliers of Shamir Metaform products, we are investing in lenses that are 80% more energy efficient and leave the smallest ecological footprint on our planet.

Providing the community with clinical excellence and a caring service

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